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Another UNESCO Cathedral from Germany continues our week looking at that country’s UNESCO sites:

UNESCO aachen cathedral

This is another card from Michele. Aachen is a Roman Catholic cathedral, just like the Cologne Cathedral. It was Germany’s first cultural addition to the UNESCO list, added in 1978. The Cathedral’s construction was started by the emperor Charlemagne in the late 700s and Charlemange’s remains were placed in the Cathedral when he died in 814.

Michele used another “recolonization of wildlife” stamp, this one showing an elk:


Now, in Europe this animal is called an elk, but in the United States, we call this animal a moose. You can tell a moose is a moose (or a Eurasian elk) and not an American elk because of the palmate (leaf-like) antlers. Other members of the deer family have twig-like antlers. I have never seen an elk before, but this summer I did see a moose running along the road in Wyoming. They’re huge but move surprisingly gracefully.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a break from cathedrals and look at a palace instead.