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I’m going to start another series of received UNESCO cards this week. When I started collecting the World Heritage sites I never thought I would have so many at once that I wouldn’t know where to start in posting about them, but now I do. I have a long list of new German sites that I will share this week, and next week I will move on to France.

First in the list is Cologne Cathedral, in Cologne, Germany, UNESCO WHS since 1995. It was the tallest structure in the world between 1880 and 1884.

The first card of the cathedral that I have comes from Michele (nordseekrabbe). It shows a nighttime view of the cathedral:

UNESCO cologne cathedral

The Cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark, with about 20,000 people visiting each day. That’s a lot of people! It probably gets very crowded, but luckily, the cathedral also looks gorgeous from across the Rhine:

UNESCO cologne riverfront

This card comes from Theda, a Postcrosser who lives near Cologne. Both Theda and Michele used some nice stamps:


This stamp shows a lynx and the text reads “recolonization by native wildlife.” Since wikipedia shows that the Eurasian lynx does not live in most parts of Germany, perhaps this stamp is advertising an effort to introduce more lynx to the country.


This stamp looks like it celebrates 100 years of the Mittenwald Railway, which connects Bavaria to Austria through the Alps.

All in all, two beautiful stamps for two lovely cards!