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As you probably know if you’ve been reading a while, I really like animals and I love to get animal postcards. Here is a collection of animal cards that I’ve received lately.

CN 709204

Most recently, this frog-shaped card came from a Postcrosser in China. It’s obviously not a very accurate depiction of frogs, but it’s cute, isn’t it? The sender used some beautiful bird stamps and included a special stamp for the London Olympics:

CHINA 3 birds

Next are two dogs, the first from a Postcrosser in the Netherlands and the second from my mom:

NL 1407123

Chantal sent this card, and she writes that she like French fries and macaroni. So do I!

The dog reading his (or her) calendar looks pretty stressed. That’s how I feel sometimes when I look at my calendar.

Book dog

My mom used the printable postage from a kiosk for this card, and they are usually pretty boring, but this time it has a cute Mr. ZIP on it!

USA mr zip

In case you don’t know, Mr. ZIP was the mascot of the ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code system implemented in the 1960s. Mr ZIP was a friendly reminder to include the ZIP code on all mail to speed its processing and save the USPS some money.

Finally, there is a card from Juste in Lithuania showing the Western Capercaillie, or Tetrao urogallus.


This bird lives in Dzukija National Park and is known for its elaborate mating dances and rituals. Juste kept up the bird theme with a stamp showing the corn crake, Crex crex.

LITHUANIA corn crake

That is all for animals for today, although looking through my cards I see that I have so many more! Do you have a favorite animal, or at least one that you like to collect postcards of? I have quite the collection of penguins and foxes, but I also love dogs and cows!