Even though I love to cook, sometimes I feel like telling my boyfriend to make his own damn dinner, and I’ll eat a sandwich. I hardly think that I look as happy and put-together as the woman in this Anne Taintor postcard when I feel that way:

Damn dinner

Also, that is a really full fridge, and there’s so much meat! It looks like a whole turkey and maybe half a cow. That’s a lot of meat.

This card comes from incrou7 in Texas, who was having chocolate mousse with dinner (way back in April, I’m behind on posting), because it was Friday and that’s celebration worthy. Here, here! It will be Friday here in only 2 hours and then I think I will have a slice of cake.

Incrou7 used an interesting stamp:

USA nut bug

Not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it was released in 1997 and it seems to show a nut/fruit and a bug of some kind. I wish I was better at tracking down information about stamps, but I mostly collect postcards, so there it is.