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I have three cards from the Philippines for today, including two new UNESCO sites.

First, there is this card that comes via Postcrossing, showing sites from the Cagayan Valley:

Cagayan valley

This card came with some very small stamps showing a flatworm and a ‘marmorated cone’:


The tiny QR codes on the stamps are actually scannable, but they say only the name of the creature on the stamp, which is already printed there, so I am not sure why the barcode is on there.

Next are two UNESCO sites from Anne in the postcrossing forum:

UNESCO batad rice

The Batad Rice Terraces are part of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras site. They are the first property to be included on the UNESCO list for cultural significance. It is estimated that the terraces started to be constructed and farmed 2,000 years ago.

UNESCO miag ao

The next card shows the Miag-ao Church, one of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines that are inscribed on the UNESCO list. The architecture of these churches is very interesting, because they had to be designed to withstand earthquakes. That is why the churches are low and wide at the bottom. This style of architecture is called “Earthquake Baroque.”

Tomorrow’s country of the day is Wales.