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For this week, I am going to post some postcards from a different country each day. I have received my first postcards from some very exciting countries this summer, but haven’t been posting them because I’ve been too busy. Not all the cards this week will be from new countries, but many of them will. This card comes from Glenn while he was on a fantastic cruise around South America:


Ushuaia, Argentina claims to be the Southernmost city on Earth. It is at the very tip of South America in Tierra del Fuego. When Glenn sent this card on March 13th, it was only 8 degrees Celsius there.


Unfortunately, the stamp was covered with this extra sticker, presumably in Mexico. I want to try to remove it, maybe by steaming it a little, but I am afraid to damage the stamp underneath. It is a shame since it looks like an interesting stamp! I believe it is showing a tango dance.

Tomorrow, the country of the day will be Cuba.