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I always thought summer was supposed to be a time for vacation and relaxing, but I’ve been busier than ever since school let out and I’ve been seriously neglecting the blog. This is my first post in June! And June is almost over!

But now I have to take some time to share some cards with you and remind myself to relax and take a break. The cards fit in well with a theme of taking it slow and easy:

Light brush painting

Red brush painting

These two brush painting cards were adopted by Annie of Scribbling Glue. She writes about how in her elementary school art class, she learned how to slowly and thoughtfully paint the cherry tree blossoms. It is quite an endeavor, with a proper way to mix the paint, hold the brush, and even lift the brush at the end of each stroke. But what a wonderful experience to have as a child! Much more inspired and disciplined than macaroni collages or fingerpaints.

The arrival of these two cards today was very appropriate because the the Calligraphy Northwest conference is taking place at my school this week. The campus is overrun with very studious and artistic looking women (and a few men, too), and their calligraphy work is hung up to dry in nearly all the hallways and classrooms. It is a perfect reminder of the handwritten letter!

I chose to use these Alexander Calder stamps for these cards, originally because I thought art goes with art. But I also now think that the sweeping lines of the mobiles goes well with the brush strokes of the paintings pictured. They both seem effortlessly graceful and balanced.

CalderportraitCalder untitled