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These three cards come from Rita in Portugal. They are from a series of postcards released by the Jardim Zoologico in Lisbon showing endangered animals.

The African elephant‘s population has been severely diminished because of hunting for ivory, but even though hunting for ivory was outlawed in 1989, poachers still are the elephant’s most dangerous predator.

Though generally giraffes are not considered endangered, the Angolan giraffe is. It is estimated that there are only 20,000 of these types of giraffes left in the wild. I really like giraffes’ nubby little horns.

The African penguin is also on the verge of extinction, with only 55,000 left in the wild. If the decline in population isn’t reversed, this penguin is expected to be extinct in only 15 years.

Here are the stamps that were on the cards:

But I want to share another stamp with you, too:

These semipostal stamps from the US Postal Service are not only really pretty, but they help to fund conservation efforts for these vanishing animals. They work just the same as a regular first-class stamp and cost just 10 cents more, which all goes toward the conservation of Asian and African elephants, great apes, marine turtles, rhinoceros and tigers. I always buy a sheet when I need stamps, and if you live in the US, I encourage you to use these stamps on your postcards and letters, too.

And if you’re from elsewhere, does your country issue endangered species stamps? Please let us know in the comments!