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I promise I have not been intentionally ignoring the blog. I’ve just been busy with moving and starting a new job for the summer. My mailbox has not been ignored, though, and I’ve received so many beautiful and wonderful cards from all over the globe.

This first card comes from my aunt Susan in New Mexico:

This dog looks a lot like my dog Snickers, although Snickers would never be caught at the beach, because he cannot swim. He has too much fur and sinks if he gets wet.

This card comes from Pieta in the Netherlands:

This puppy looks even more like Snickers, or rather what he looked like as a young dog. Don’t you want to just cuddle with him?

I haven’t been able to cuddle my Snickers in a while (he lives with my parents when I’m at school), but today I did do a lot of cuddling with some smaller white animals: laboratory rats! My summer job is working in one of the psychology research labs, and we have to handle the rats a lot so that they become accustomed to people. I also think it helps the people get accustomed to rats.