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We have a nice collection of cherry trees lining the driveway at my school. I pass them almost every day on my way to class, and I get very excited when they blossom each spring. The trees have already shown and lost their blooms this year, but I am still enjoying the cherry blossoms by sending out these cards to Ai in Japan, who also likes the cherry blossoms.

Cherry jefferson

The Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin in Washington, DC.


The Tidal Basin and cherry blossoms.


Washington Monument and cherry blossoms.

Ai lives in Kyoto and is sending me a lovely card of the cherry blossoms at the temples there. The cherry blossoms in Washington DC originally came from Japan in 1912, and both the USA and Japan are releasing commemorative stamps for this year, the 100th anniversary, which we’ll be using on the cards. The US design shows DC landmarks with the beautiful blossoms:

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms and postcards complement each other so well. Not only are we doing this swap with the matching cards and stamps, but postcards also represent international goodwill and friendship, just like Japan’s gift of cherry blossoms to the USA in 1912. Have you sent some goodwill flowers or cards recently?