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Russia has a large number of World Heritage sites, and my collection just keeps growing! I have never been to Russia, but between the beautiful churches and the beautiful landscapes, I might need to start planning a visit.

The first card shows Ferapontov Monastery, built in the 14th and 15th centuries:

UNESCO ferapontov

This card comes from Vicky, and uses an awesome whale stamp:

RUSSIA whale

The next card comes from mad_madchen in Moscow and shows the famous St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin:

UNESCO kremlin

She used some fun Christmas/winter stamps, even though it is long past Christmas by now:

RUSSIA Christmas bunny

The final card is probably my favorite of the bunch and comes from Sasha. It shows Kucherla Lake in the Altai Mountains:

UNESCO altai mountains

It is hard to believe that that amazingly blue water is not the result of photo manipulation! It reminds me of Crater Lake in Oregon, which is also so fantastically, unbelievably blue. Lake Kucherla is a glacial lake, and one of the largest glacial lakes in the world.

Many thanks to all my Russian friends for these cards!