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I have some new state maps and a look at middle America for you today.

First is this map from the Turtlenecks in Nebraska:


They had already sent a map of Nebraska, but knowing that I really like these cartoon-style maps, they offered to send another. Isn’t that fantastic? I am very happy with both of them.

Next is a completely new state for my collection, Alabama. This one comes from Carey:


Alabama is the Yellowhammer state presumably because their state bird is the Yellowhammer.

Finally there’s a viewcard from the middle of farm country, Iowa:

Iowa cows

This card also comes from the Turtlenecks. I love the cows! I haven’t been out into the country where the cows are recently, but since it’s spring I bet that there are a lot of new, tiny cows roaming about. I love baby animals too much!

Many thanks to Carey and the Turtleneck family for the cards!