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Famalubel sent me three beautiful UNESCO sites, all from the works of Gaudi inscription. I have been eyeing these cards for a long time, and I am so happy to finally have them in real life.

First is Gaudi’s most famous work, the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona:

UNESCO sagrada familia

The facade was designed by Gaudi and is quite impressively fantastical. It is amazing how tall those spires are!

Next there is the Casa Batllo:

UNESCO casa batllo

Famalubel writes that the local name for this building is the “house of bones.” Kind of creepy?

And finally my favorite (though it’s hard to choose), the Park Guell:

UNESCO park guell

The colorful mosaics and sculptures of the Park remind me of the Watts towers in Los Angeles, which were put together over many years by one man using found objects. The two places are a bit different, in that Gaudi was actually hired to built the Park Guell, rather than putting it together in his spare time, but they both evoke a whimsical sense of being in another world that I really enjoy.

Famalubel used really fabulous stamps, as always:

SPAIN battle

SPAIN sailing

SPAIN sanfernando