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This post on cards from Australia is so big, I’m dividing it into two posts. Here are the cards, and this afternoon there will be the stamps. All these cards come from the super-kind Aussie_bear from the Postcrossing forum. She’s certainly helped extremely with my Australian UNESCO collection!

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Here in Oregon we also have some Blue Mountains and a set of Three Sisters mountains. I don’t think either are as impressive as Australia’s, though.

Here we have one of Australia’s most famous natural landmarks, Uluru or Ayers Rock. I grew up learning that it was called Ayers Rock, but the aboriginal people call it Uluru. Now, both names are acceptable and used together.

And here’s one of Australia’s most famous man-made landmarks, the Sydney Opera House. The ship sailing past is the Bounty, I assume a reconstruction of the famous HMS Bounty, which explored the waters around Australia in the 18th century.

The famous Great Barrier Reef. This card shows goat fish and staghorn coral.

And here’s another reef, Nigaloo reef in Western Australia. I love the turtle!

This aerial view of Melbourne shows the Royal Exhibition buildings and Carlton Gardens.

Finally there’s this card of the Lord Howe Islands. This one shows a view across a lagoon toward Mt Eliza.

Whew! That’s quite a little pile of great cards! Come back later for the stamps!