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I don’t get cards from museums very often (which is too bad, because I love museums) but I have two great cards from museums to share today. The first is from the Netherlands, and it is on my list of places to go if I ever wind up in the Netherlands:

Railz Miniworld is a huge model/miniature train museum with miles of tracks and many tiny trains. It’s one of the biggest model train setups in the world. Tiny little worlds like this are so fascinating. When I was a kid, I visited Northlandz (I wonder what’s with the letter Z and model trains?) which is a similar setup of model trains in New Jersey. My favorite part was a toothpick forest: hundreds of toothpicks dotted the hillsides as a single track snaked its way through the hills.

Another fun place (that I’ve actually visited) is the Spy Museum in Washington, DC. I was here as a kid, too, and I remember there was a room where kids could learn some “spy skills.” I particularly remember learning to crawl around in ductwork and step over laser beams– all essential skills for a kid! This card shows a lipstick pistol. The museum has many weapons disguised as ordinary objects. In many places in the United States, citizens are allowed to carry concealed firearms in public. Here that usually means that the firearm is under a coat or something; I wonder how the laws apply to firearms that are concealed as something else entirely!