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Some postcard collections are easier to complete than others. Getting a card from every UNESCO site, for example, is quite difficult, since there are so many of them, and some are very remote. So in addition to big goals, I thought I’d set some easy goals for myself. Like my goal to have a card showing every currently reigning sovereign queen. There are only three: Elizabeth II of England (and more), Beatrix of the Netherlands, and Margrethe of Denmark. I haven’t found anyone in Denmark to send me Queen Margrethe, but I have quickly completed 2/3 of the collection:

This card of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II comes from ellesbelles1909 from the Postcrossing forum. She looks very ready for spring in this bright yellow outfit.

This card of Queen Beatrix comes from Erica_donker on the forums. I’m not sure if this one should count, since the picture was taken in 1959, when Beatrix was still just a princess. I think it counts, though. Also, it is apparently difficult to find more modern pictures of Beatrix because, as Erica writes, everyone is interested in her son Prince Willem-Alexander. Sounds a bit like Queen Elizabeth, with all the attention on her grandson Prince William.

Perhaps because the United States doesn’t have a monarchy, I’m completely fascinated by them. Kings and Queens seem so much more interesting than lying and cheating politicians.

I almost forgot, the Queen Beatrix card came with some nice stamps:

The one at top left is of the artist Rembrandt. I’m not sure what the birds are, but I like them and their long beaks.