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You may have noticed a distinct absence of posts recently. I blame it entirely on the many papers and presentations I have due. The end of the semester is less than two weeks away and I right after classes end I will be returning home to visit with a sick family member, hopefully not (but possibly) for the last time. Then I’ve got to get myself back across the country for a final exam and to start a summer job. Fun!

Anyway, the absence is certainly not due to a lack of cards in my mailbox. I’ve been receiving many fantastic ones, like this one from Glenn of Gem’s World Postcards. Glenn was visiting Uruguay on a cruise in March (lucky!) and was kind enough to send me this card, my first from Uruguay:

Unfortunately the stamp escaped cancellation. This seems to be happening a lot recently; I wonder why? Anyhow, I love the beach scene; it looks warm and relaxing. Seems the weather is a bit better than our rainy springtime here in Oregon.

I’m going to try to schedule a couple of posts for the next two weeks, if not to keep you entertained, than at least to keep the pile of cards on my desk to a minimum. Expect more frequent posts after the first week of May!