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You may have noticed I’ve not been posting very often recently. Don’t worry, nothing is amiss, other than copious amounts of schoolwork and a rather unpleasant cold. I haven’t had either the time or the energy to do much blogging, even though I’ve been getting many great cards in the mail. You know that I haven’t been feeling in top shape since some days I was too busy or tired to even go to the mailbox!

April looks like it will be another busy month, but then I will be done with classes and should have lots of time to scan cards and tell you all about them. I also have some other crafty/mailing projects I’m looking forward to sharing, but of course, I have to get around to doing them. For now, how about we enjoy this awesome Pokemon card from para in Japan:

There’s perennial favorite Pikachu, the electric mouse, and Ash, the Pokemon trainer. And there’s even a matching stamp:

When I was in third grade Pokemon was a really big deal (hey, I still like it now, over a decade later). In third grade we studied the Roman Empire and had a history day where we presented projects and dressed up in togas. I had a stuffed Pikachu doll that I brought everywhere with me, so on the day of the presentations, I brought in my Pikachu, also dressed in a toga and laurel wreath! I probably still have that Pikachu (and the toga) somewhere in my parents’ house. I know I still have the trading cards and the video games, even though they don’t work so well because of their age.

Anyone else have fond memories of Pokemon? Or maybe something else that was popular when you were a kid, but you still like it now? Let us know in the comments! We can all be nostalgic together.