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My first cards from Slovenia have arrived! They all come from Postcrossing user Tinkara and they offer a nice glimpse at a country that, before I received the cards, I knew nothing about.

Slovenia is a small country between Italy and Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. About 2 million people live there.

Ljubljana is the capital city. Here you can see the Ljubljana Castle on the hill, which offers beautiful views of the city.

Bled is another city in Slovenia, in the Alps. It’s famous for the glacial Lake Bled and was a popular health resort in the 19th century because of its nice climate. It’s still a popular place for tourism.

Hotemaže is an even smaller village in Slovenia, with a population under 500 people. Tinkara writes that it is a very typical village with “a church in the centre and a pub close to the church.”

I saved my favorite for last. This card shows historic pastures and shelters in the Alps. Though these valleys were once full of shepherds, sheep, and cows, many of them are abandoned now.

Tinkara used a different set of lovely stamps on each card. Check out the heart-shaped stamp!

Have you discovered any new countries through postcard swapping?