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My Orphaned Postcard idea is working really well! Three more postcards have been adopted and returned to me, with beautiful stamps and stories to boot!

First, Deirdre adopted this Ernie the envelope card. Ernie is the mascot of swap-bot:

Isn’t he a cutie? I love the stamps Deirdre used:

These are from a series of “nostalgia” stamps, showing television shows from various decades. I don’t recognize the ones from the ’50s or ’60s (though I like the owl!) but I do know the representatives of the ’70s! Bert and Ernie were still popular when I was growing up in the ’90s. I hardly think of them as nostalgic figures; I’m too young to be nostalgic.

This vintage hot air balloon card was adopted by Glenn in Canada. Glenn has been lucky enough to take a ride in a hot air balloon. The ride was wonderful (I can imagine!) but they had a rough landing and the balloon tipped over and dragged its passengers for about 150 feet. No one was hurt, which is promising, but this makes me slightly hesitant to get in a balloon anytime soon. Although I do think that the views and the whole experience would be incredible.

Glenn adopted another postcard, too:

I have no idea where I picked this card up (perhaps on a vacation to Canada in middle school?) but I have had it a long time, long before I started collecting cards through Postcrossing. Glenn writes of his desire to “cross the Pond” on a great ocean liner someday. It’s a desire we both share. Surface travel, whether through trains or ships or even a road trip, has so much more romance and appeal than being crammed in an airplane for a relatively short but usually uncomfortable plane ride.

As a stamp collector and connoisseur, I expected Glenn to use some nice stamps on the card, and he didn’t disappoint:

Some coordinating stamps celebrating the British Royal family: on the right are Will and Kate and on the left there’s Queen Elizabeth.

And here we see a stamp commemorating the McGarrigle sisters, famous French-Canadian singer-songwriters, and some native art titled “Pow Wow Dancer.” It’s a bit hard to see on the postmarks, but Glenn took the time to get these postmarked on February 29th, the leap day!

My orphaned cards are getting adopted right and left, but there are still some that need adopting. See them here and send an email to deltiolog [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to participate.