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I’ve received a lot of official Postcrossing cards from China (and Taiwan) recently.

This card shows a door. There’s not a lot of information on the card (or rather, information in English), but I think it’s pretty obvious it’s a door.

This card shows “Tibetan Folklore.” Not a lot of information on this one either, but it looks like a festival.

Here’s the card from Taiwan, showing Sun Moon Lake. The sender says that this is a popular place for tourists and that there is very nice scenery there. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but this does look like a nice place to visit there if I ever go.

And the most recent card shows the Red Flag Watercourse, also in China. I don’t have a lot of information on this one, but it is a very interesting scene. When I try to search for more information about the place, all the results show this card!

The stamps on some of the cards appear to be from the same series. I really wish I could read other languages to find out what these stamps are all about! It looks like they may be from a series of elemental stamps, with these two representing Earth and Water. If you know anything about these cards or stamps, please let us know in the comments!