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I love animals, so of course I love animals on postcards. Here are a handful of animal-centric cards I’ve received recently. First there was this wonderful card from a Postcrosser in France. It shows some beautiful horses in Brittany! I used to ride horses when I was a child. I should get in better shape so that I can take it up again, because I love riding and I love being around gorgeous horses! But riding can be really hard on the hips, and I’m not as flexible as I used to be (which is sad, it’s not as though I’m ancient!)

Here’s a real parade of animals, from Carolien in the Netherlands. This is probably one of my favorite Nouvelles cards (but how can I choose, they’re all so pretty!) It could only be beat by a multiples card that had all elephants.

Finally there is this panda trekking through the snow from nibazuodejia in China. As nibazuodejia notes on the card, pandas eat almost exclusively bamboo, even though they are a member of the order Carnivora, like all bears. I’m glad to have a panda card that doesn’t emphasize how cute and cuddly they are, since they are real animals and not teddy bears. Also, the stamps on this card are amazing:

Some beautiful landscapes, with some animals in there, too. Well, this wraps up the animal parade for the morning, but I’m coming back in the evening with some penguins.