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So I feel like I should do a post about Ireland or something green for Saint Patrick’s Day, but I haven’t received any cards from Ireland recently. So let’s celebrate Ireland with the Buddha, windmills, and Switzerland!

This card of the “great statue of Lord Buddha” comes from Neko in Malaysia. This statue sits in the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The stamp shows some Malaysian storks.

I think we can get a little closer to Ireland with this card showing…

Geneva, Switzerland! Fine, not very Irish, but at least we’re in Europe. And this is my first card from Switzerland. It’s an official Postcrossing card. The stamp shows a red kite, a kind of bird:

Maybe we can get a little bit of green to represent the Emerald Isles…

This panoramic view of a typical Dutch countryside scene comes from a Postcrosser in the Netherlands. This could almost be Ireland, with all the green and the grazing cows. But the windmill and canal are so Dutch. Oh well…

If you want to see a card that actually has something to do with Ireland, you can see one of these posts. At least we aren’t drinking green-dyed beer!