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Coincidentally, I received two sweet-themed Nouvelles Images cards within a few days of each other.

“Les Bonbons” comes from fluffysheep in Belgium, who writes that her favorite pick of candy from this card would be the ‘sticks à la fraise’ or strawberry licorice. I’ve always called this licorice, even though technically it has nothing to do with licorice. I grew up with Twizzlers strawberry licorice, then when I went to college I discovered Red Vines, which is a red licorice, but I wouldn’t really call it strawberry. It has a unique taste; it just tastes like red vines! I also like the classic kinds of licorice, made with real licorice root. My boyfriend likes the really salty, hard kinds of licorice, but they’re too much for me! What’s your opinion on licorice?

The stamp has nothing to do with sweets, but rather shows the Mayan calendar (which has nothing to do with Belgium, as far as I can imagine). Maybe someone can clue me in:

Now, for some slightly less refined sweets:

“Le Miel” or Honey. This card comes from Erica in the Netherlands. It seems more of an ode to bees rather than just honey, since it features some honeycomb and beeswax candles, too. I love the bee-shaped honey soap! Some people are now starting to keep bees in their backyards, even here in the city, as part of an “urban homestead.” First it was chickens, then beehives! They are great for pollinating plants in vegetable gardens and provide delicious honey. That’s certainly more than our pet dogs do! I really like the idea of being a hobby beekeeper, but that will certainly have to wait until I’m out of the dorms.