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I can’t believe I waited so long to share these amazing Indonesian UNESCO cards from shinta:

First we have my second view of the 9th century Buddhist temple, Borobudur. The first view shows the statues and temple details up close, but I like how this card puts the temple in perspective. It’s huge!

Next is Indonesia’s first National Park, Ujung Kulon. It’s the home of the endangered Javan rhinoceros. You can see on the little map that the park covers several smaller islands and also part of Java. The blue water and white sands must be even more gorgeous in person!

Getting back to the religious side of things, this card shows Prambanan Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. It also dates from the 9th century. There were originally 240 temples in the complex, but Indonesia has a habit of being hit with earthquakes. Many temples collapsed during an earthquake in the 16th century, then some were rebuilt in the 20th century, but unfortunately more damage was done during the most recent earthquake in 2006.

Shinta also used so many amazing stamps:

There’s one more card from shinta coming this afternoon. It’s special enough to deserve a post of its own though!