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Today is my first day of spring break! Woohoo! I’m off from school until next Sunday. So, since it’s spring break, it’s time to welcome spring, right? Flowers, birds, sunny weather! Except it’s cold and damp here… but it’s a springy damp rather than a wintry damp. Anyway, how about some recently received cards, perfect for spring:

The Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park. That line going up the middle of the glacier is not a postal machine smudge, it’s a road. This card comes from AlbertaGirl71.

Reindeer in Murmansk, Russia. This card shows the “Festival of the North” with reindeer sleigh racing. It comes from greta007 in Omsk, which is not as far north as Murmansk, but it was -20˚ C all of January there. So I can’t complain about how cold it is here, since it is 30˚ warmer!

Alright, I have a more season-appropriate card, too:

This card comes from Ellen in Taiwan and shows a 100 year old steam train in the Alishan Mountains, passing under some plum blossoms. The plum trees start blossoming in January and February, even before spring. Even though they are called plums in English, the Chinese plum is more closely related to the apricot. I wonder if I can eat the fruit of these trees, as I am allergic to plums but can eat apricots and other members of the genus Prunus (like my favorite peaches!) with impunity. I don’t really want to try in case I’m wrong.