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I have two new state maps for my collection, which means that only 20 remain. I am going to try to figure out what to do with them when I am finished. I would like to display them all together, perhaps put together in a frame to look like a map of the USA.

The map of Maryland comes from Kathy, AKA meena7. As much as I like the geological map of Maryland, I’m glad to have this tourist/cartoon map, too. These are my favorite styles of state maps, but as Kathy points out, it isn’t very accurate. Baltimore is not that far away from the Chesapeake Bay; I’ve been there and it is definitely right on the Bay. You can smell the ocean and everything. I also don’t think the capital building is quite so large.

The map of Nebraska comes from Jennifer, Peter, and Caleb, who live just outside of Omaha. They’re doing Postcrossing as a family, which I think is really sweet and also awesome. When I have a kid, I hope we can share a love for discovering new places through postcards. They write that they are thinking of starting their own map card collection.

They also used a new stamp I haven’t seen before:

The 1¢ stamp shows a Kestrel and was released in 1999. It’s been a few years since we got a new 1¢ stamp, and I’d like to see something other than the 1¢ Tiffany lamps we have now. The foxglove 29¢ is the old postcard rate, which changed in January.

Well, I am 60% finished with my USA map card collection. Hopefully I can finished by the end of the year! My original resolution for 2012 was to collect a card from every country in Europe. I didn’t realize that there are so many countries and that there are some where pretty much no one lives! But maybe you have a friend in Azerbaijan or you’re taking your vacation in Kazakhstan and want to help me out. I’d really appreciate it!