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I’ve been having trouble finding time or energy to do big posts. So here’s a little post for you. It’s some camels in the beautiful Altai Mountains, world heritage since 1998.

These camels are of the two-humped, Bactrian variety, native to the Asian steppe, as opposed to the one-humped Dromedrary, which is common in North Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The Bactrian camels in the wild are critically endangered, as there are estimated to be fewer than 1000 of them alive today. Many more remain as domesticated animals and in captivity.

Fun fact: camel hair (like the kind used to make coats) is harvested from the Bactrian camel when it sheds its coat in warm weather. No camels are harmed to make it!

This card comes from greta007 in Omsk, Russia. Thanks!