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I’ve got three German UNESCO sites for you today, all religious buildings!

Sarah Kristin sends this single-view of St Michael’s Church in Hildesheim, which is inscribed on the UNESCO list along with another church, St Mary’s, in the city of Hildesheim. I already had a multi-view of these sites, and a single-view is a nice complement to this.

Kerstin sends the next two cards:

The cathedral in Speyer (center) has been on the UNESCO list since 1981. It’s the resting place for some important German royalty, including Salic, Staufer, and Habsburg emperors.

Finally, there is the monastery complex at Maulbronn, which was built starting the in 12th century. This view shows the north cloister and a blooming magnolia tree. Unlike a cathedral, the monastery was a place of study more than worship. Johannes Kepler, who described the planets’ orbits and and improved telescopes. Maulbronn has been on the UNESCO list since 1993.

And one of these cards brought a new flower stamp to me:

I love this series of German stamps! I think they are very pretty, and I learn some German words for different flowers this way.