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I received two postcards showing Cockatoo Island, Australia, just a few days apart from each other.

First came this card from scubaduba.

Then came the second one from aussiebear. I like how with the two cards, you get a good view of the island and the buildings. Cockatoo Island is one of the 11 sites listed under the Australian Convict Sites UNESCO listing. It was a penal colony from 1839 to 1869. It’s located in Sydney Harbor, not far from 3 of the other sites. Hopefully I will collect all 11 someday.

The senders both used some great stamps, too:

I’m so sad that this one got ripped!

This last stamp is very appropriate for the card with Cockatoo Island, since, in addition to being a prison, it is the location of Australia’s first dry dock and it was an important dockyard.

I have so many Australian UNESCO sites to share with you. Aussiebear sent me 8 cards, all with Australian UNESCO sites for my collection! Isn’t that generous? I now have 62 of the sites represented in cards; I’m 7% finished!