This card from Amanda in the Netherlands is a good reminder to not waste your food. I always have a hard time throwing out food, animal products especially. The cow worked so hard to make that milk!

Luckily here at school we have the “scroungers” who are students who either don’t have a board plan or have already spent their board plan money. If you have leftovers, you can give them to the scroungers, who will happily make sure food doesn’t go to waste. I wish there was a scrounge for everything, though! I hate throwing things away just because they have no use to me, when they very likely would be useful to someone. We would use so much less stuff if we could find a home for all the unused things sitting around.

Well, enough of my little philosophizing. The stamps on this card are cool:

That’s it for now. I’m hoping that my posting schedule will be a lot more regular than it was last week, so don’t forget to check in and say ‘hi’ if you like.