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The blog has taken a back seat to school work and paper writing this past week, but today I have three new cards to share with you. And let me tell you, they’re foxy!

First this arctic fox pup (they turn white when they get older) came from griffinfire in Washington state, not too far from Oregon. Though the card comes from close by, the fox’s picture was taken in Alaska. That might explain why I’ve never seen a fox hanging around in the years I’ve lived here.

These adorable (so fuzzy!) fox pups come from meena7 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, not far from my home in Pennsylvania. Although she mentions that there are a lot of foxes in Pennsylvania, I have never seen one there, either!

This last card from ossuusso in Estonia is my favorite. What a beautiful fox! But he’s sticking his tongue out just like my dog Snickers. This card actually comes from the place closest to where I’ve seen a fox in real life. About ten years ago I was in London, England, and that’s the only place I’ve seen a fox! It was just walking around in the park when we were looking at the tourist sites!

So, have you ever seen some great wildlife? What about foxes? I didn’t realize it before, but I really like foxes! Are you a fox fan?