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I love Hello Kitty and her boyfriend, Dear Daniel. When I visited Japan several years ago, I was very happy to be surrounded by Hello Kitty things: stationery, stickers, I even brought pack a packet of spices that has her cute little face on them! Now I wish that I had brought back more Hello Kitty things to share, since many others love them, too. But instead, I have new postcrossing friends in Japan to send me Hello Kitty cards:

This card comes from a private trade with dekopon. I love the cute kitties in their kimonos!

This 3D card was an official Postcrossing card. Hello Kitty is sitting in a bowl of anmitsu, a traditional Japanese sweet. This is the first 3D card I’ve received; they’re pretty neat but it’s hard to scan them and show the effect.

Japan even puts Hello Kitty on their stamps:


Do you like Hello Kitty? Maybe you have another favorite Sanrio character? Let us know about them!