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So, we’re more than halfway through the Month of Letters Challenge but I’ve been feeling a little mailed out lately. I’ve been distracted by a new cross-stitch project I started and I’m also realizing that for all the mail I send, I don’t send something every single day. That’s a lot of mail!

Nonetheless, today I was tired and didn’t even go to my mailbox until after dinner. But what I found inside was so lovely!

This card comes from my friend Leslie, who was writing back to a postcard I sent earlier in the month. We’re friends on Facebook, but when I heard she was feeling sick, I sent her a postcard instead of writing on her Facebook page. And then she wrote back! This little exchange across the Willamette River (Leslie lives in Portland, too) has reinvigorated my snail mail love. Even though I missed the mail collection for today, I’m going to go write back for my Day 16 piece of mail.

How are you doing with the Month of Letters Challenge? Have you run out of people to write to? Found new postcard/letter pals? Are you excited about some of the mail you’ve sent or received? Let us know in the comments!

Also, in case anyone cares, this is deltiolog’s 200th post. Yay.