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At last count, I had 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with new ones coming every day, it seems! This card comes from Anke in Germany:

The Wadden Sea is not exactly a sea, but an intertidal zone on the coast of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The areas in the Netherlands and Germany have been inscribed as a UNESCO site. There are miles of mudflats and wetlands, lots of seals and other wildlife, and many recreational beaches on the islands. Hiking on the mudflats has become a popular pastime. That sounds just like my kind of hiking: lots of scenery, not many hills!

The stamps on this one are a treat, too:

The stamp on the left is from a series of stamps showing UNESCO sites. I thought that the series only showed German UNESCO, but this one is from Japan. I’m also happy to get some more of the stamps from this series of flowers. I was getting so many ‘tagetes’ it’s nice to have a ‘tulpe’. And check out that envelope postmark! This is one mail-happy postmark.