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I have three new UNESCO sites from Spain to add to my list, thanks to Fabienne, who runs the fabulous Unescards blog.

First is the El Escorial Monastery/Palace in Madrid:

I already had a multi-view card showing this site (also from Fabienne, coincidentally). It’s the historical residence of the King of Spain. I like this view because you can see a bit more of the building, rather than just the facade. It is quite an intricate building!

Speaking of intricate buildings, here is a card of the Burgos Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in Spain. It has some very amazing Gothic architecture. It was started in 1221 on the order of King Ferdinand III, but work continued on and off for 200 years. That is a lot of dedication.

Nearby is the archaeological site of Atapuerca, where the first known hominids have been found in Europe. Bones of the predecessors of modern humans, hundreds of thousands of years old, have been found there.

Fabienne was also nice enough to use a different stamp on each card:

What a really superb addition to my UNESCO collection and my stamp collection!