In case you needed an inspiration to get to postcard and letter writing this weekend:

from the Missive Maven

I, too, will be writing, but unfortunately it’s not postcards. This weekend is the “qual,” the qualifying exam for continuing to study in my chosen field. If I pass, I will be approved to work on my bachelor’s thesis; if I don’t, I will have to revise or rewrite it, not something I wish to do! We are not supposed to be nervous about this but I am. Imagine, I am not looking forward to spending a weekend writing an 8 page paper! It is nothing I haven’t done before, but it might mean more sporadic posts (although I have some great cards to share!)

And I must remind you all that the Month of Letters Challenge has started, but there’s always time to take a pledge to write a letter each day the mail runs this month. You can see what I’m sending each day in the Month of Letters album on deltiolog’s Facebook page. And if you don’t already like us on Facebook, I encourage you to do so.

So, what are your plans for the weekend?