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Two UNESCO sites for today, one from Israel and one from France.

This card of Jerusalem shows the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is believed to be the site upon which Christ was buried (hence the name, sepulchre). Many other buildings of great religious significance are located in Jerusalem, such as the Dome of the Rock; the blending of three religious and cultural heritages is the reason for its UNESCO inscription. This card comes from whiterose.

The stamp has nothing to do UNESCO World Heritage, but I love it:

Better tomatoes through breeding! A worthy endeavor!

Beautiful Paris, and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. This card comes from vykortsfantast, who has been very helpful with my UNESCO collection. I believe this is the third card she has sent. The Cathedral is located on an island in the River Seine. The UNESCO site encompasses a large area along the banks of this lovely river in this historic city.

I don’t know what that brings me up to now, in terms of how many UNESCO cards I have. I will have to do a full count and find out! Do you collect UNESCO cards? How many do you have?