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Three new maps for me this week:

The map of New Mexico comes from nowaglas on the Postcrossing forum. My favorite part of this card is the picture of the roadrunner, New Mexico’s state bird. Nowaglas says that she sees these cute little guys all the time! I think that’s so neat; much more interesting than seeing squirrels out my window.

This outline map of Tennessee comes from meand3boys, also from the Postcrossing forum.

Saving the best for last, this interesting Maryland map comes from Holly, who runs a great blog about maps and is a map printer! This map isn’t like a typical tourist map (which I like, actually) it’s a geological map, showing the different types and ages of rocks found in Maryland. Holly printed up this map for the Maryland Geological Survey, found my blog, and offered to send a map my way! Thanks, Holly! And if any readers out there like maps, too, or need a map printed, check out the MapPrinter blog.