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I got two sea-creature postcards this week, from opposite sides of the US. First came this card from Washington state showing orcas:

Orcas are often called “killer whales” even though they are more closely related to dolphins than whales.

And from Lori in Florida comes this great card showing manatees. I love manatees! Along with whales, they are my favorite water mammals. Lori sent this postcard in exchange for an “ugly postcard.” She collects hideous, crappy, and ugly cards! I think we both got a good laugh at the card I sent showing “beautiful” “historic” Charlestown, Rhode Island. It shows a parking lot and not much else! Lori was kind enough to use this awesome Chinese New Year stamp:

I believe it is from the Year of the Dog, probably in 1994, when you could actually send a whole letter for 29 cents. Now we’re in the year of the Dragon. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!