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It’s been a while since I did a post on state maps, and I’ve been receiving them like it’s going out of style! I have four new states and six maps to share today:

First there are two maps from my beloved Oregon. The first comes from flaggazer on the Postcrossing forum, and the second comes from beingguided on swap-bot:

Even though I live in Oregon, I wanted a stamped and written map from someone else. It’s not any fun for me to collect blank cards.

Sometimes, I do send cards to myself, though, as was the case with this map of Delaware:


When I was on winter break my mom and I took a little trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now, you may ask, why did I get a Delaware map when I went to New Jersey? And I can tell you in two words: wrong turn. We got rather lost around Philadelphia, and all it takes it missing the wrong bridge and you can end up in Delaware, New York, Maryland… anywhere but where you want to be. So I took the opportunity to get a Delaware map card and send it to myself.

Alright, three more maps to show. The map of Arkansas comes from Maryann:


The map of Vermont was sent as an official Postcrossing card:


And finally I have another map of California from Jackie, who also sent this great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


I already had a map of California, but I like this one even more. I really like the maps with illustrations of different attractions and activities of the state. They’re much more interesting to me than the maps that just show roads.

Also, there seems to be a trend of using the Pixar “Send a Hello” stamps on map cards. The Up! stamp was on the Arkansas map card, and the Cars stamp is from beingguided’s Oregon map:

These are cute stamps. I don’t have the Ratatouille or the Wall-E stamps yet, but maybe they will arrive on some more map cards!

These new maps mean that I have just 27 more state maps to collect. Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois are supposedly on their way (though Illinois has been on its way for a very long time now). Hopefully I will hit the halfway point soon!