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Considering that I’m now finished with Christmas break, it seems a bit late to post the final Christmas cards that I have, but I suppose it’s always better late than never! There are mostly winter cards, but there is a Christmas stamp.

This card from Poland is not actually a Christmas card, but instead shows some Polish mountains with a thick covering of snow. The quotation says “Without love, every work of art, even the most magnificent, is nothing.”


Kenji in Japan sends this adorable dog (I think it’s a Shiba Inu?) playing in the snow. I wish I had a chance to see my two furry dogs play in the snow, but we did not have even a flake all the time I was home.

shiba-inuKenji used one of Japan’s Christmas stamps; this one shows Santa Claus.


So, now that I’m entering the spring semester, is it time to stop thinking about the snow and winter and to start thinking of the new flowers of spring? Perhaps the readers in the Southern Hemisphere will have a different view!