This cute Moomin card comes from a Postcrosser in Finland:

And the stamp:

This is the second card in my Moomin collection, if two cards can count as a collection. I didn’t grow up reading the Moomin books, but I still love them. They just look like they would be good at giving hugs!

Speaking of giving hugs, my best friend is in serious need of some hugs and kind words. She’s been having a really rough time lately and I’d like to arrange to brighten her days with postcards from around the world. You can read my Random Act of Smileness post on the Postcrossing forum here. If you’re a Postcrossing forum member you can U2U me through the site or email me at deltiolog [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to help cheer her up. I hope everyone reading this has joy to spare for my friend.