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I received two Postcrossing official cards from the capital of Estonia and the capital of the Czech Republic:

First is this card from Prague, Czech Republic. This card had no Postcrossing ID at all, but I was able to use the ID search feature to find it! Just a reminder that if you can’t find an ID number on your card, use Postcrossing’s search feature. It works!

This card shows the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. The back of the card says that this group of buildings is known as the Three Sisters. In Oregon there is a group of mountains called Three Sisters. It seems very common to call groups of objects ‘sisters,’ but I don’t know why.

I already featured the stamp from Estonia in my last Christmas post, and here is the stamp from the Prague card:

I believe that the stamp shows the same clock tower that is featured on the front of the card. Good matching!