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I’m a little behind on posting about my received cards. The first mail day of 2012 brought a plethora of cards, but I need to finish the last cards of 2011 first! Here are two cards from California, the Golden State:

This first card, a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, comes from Jackie in (not surprisingly) California! Many years ago, when I was in California, my mom and I took a detour just to drive across this famous bridge. We had no actual reason to take the bridge, but now I can say “I’ve been there!”

The second card shows the California state flag. California is a republic, as opposed to Pennsylvania, which is a commonwealth state. Effectively, these two systems are the same, but they reflect the different ways that the states were organized before they became states. The California state flag is also called the “Bear flag” and was made the official flag in 1911.