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I’m trying to collect a card sent from every country in Europe. There are a lot of countries, but I got two new ones last week. As a bonus, they are also two new UNESCO cards!

From Norway_girl comes this card of Nærøyfjorden, one of the West Norwegian Fjords listed on the UNESCO list in 2005. A picturesque fjord seems like a great way to represent Norway in my collection. Also, I love the word ‘fjord.’

This card comes from vykortsfantas who was visiting Sweden for the holidays. She sends this card of Drottingholm, the residence of the royal family of Sweden. This site has been on the UNESCO list since 1991. Drottingholm means “queen’s islet” and the palace is in fact on a small island in a suburb of Stockholm. I love the top view with the boat sailing past.

The stamps from these cards are perfectly wintery:

Now I just need a card from Denmark to complete Scandanavia!