Taking a cue from Postmuse, I’m opening up an album of “orphaned” postcards for adoption. It didn’t take long for me to acquire some unwritten cards that I think are too great to part with, but there’s no fun in collecting unwritten, unsent cards. They’re just a picture with no story!

So here’s the deal: you can now pick out any card from this album, I’ll mail it to you in an envelope, you write a little story or message (preferably relating to the card) and mail it back! To thank you for your adoption, you can

  1. pick out a card from my trade albums to be sent unwritten in the envelope with the orphan, for you to keep
  2. pick out a card from my trade album to be mailed written and stamped to you after I receive my orphan back
  3. we can swap orphans, so you can send an unwritten card that you would like back, and I will return it to you

And you will be thanked on the blog for participating! If you want to adopt, please use the contact page or email deltiolog at gmail dot com. See the orphans here. Adopt today; no postcard should go unwritten and unloved!