Yesterday was such a Simpsonified day! During my flight home, they played both a holiday episode of the Simpsons and an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio with the main cast of the show. And I put together this review of two Simpsons postcard books.
Both of these books are titled “Greetings from the Simpsons” and include 32 detachable, oversized postcards. They are both published by Harper Collins. When I ordered them, I wasn’t sure if the newer one (blue cover, released 2007) was just a reprint of the earlier one (pink cover, released 1992). It’s not, and here’s the full scoop on the two books.

The earlier book contains 2 cards each of 16 different designs. All of the cards are character biography style cards, with a picture of the character and some “fun facts.”

There’s a card for each of the Simpsons, including Grampa Simpson, and Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma. There are also some characters that were more popular in the early seasons of the show, like Bleeding Gums Murphy, and misses some characters that came into their own later (I personally was disappointed at the lack of Ned Flanders. Not okily-dokily!) But, all of the drawings are in the old style of the show, which is actually pretty neat.

Includes the following cards: Simpsons family; Homer; Marge; Lisa; Bart; Maggie; Grampa; Patty and Selma; Itchy and Scratchy; Krusty; Sideshow Bob; Moe; Principal Skinner; Edna Krabappel; Mr. Burns; and Bleeding Gums Murphy.

The recent book also has character biography cards, but they are only slightly less than half of the designs. There are no duplicates in this set, which is nice because you get more designs, but kind of frustrating because I want to keep a copy of some of these cards for myself! The character bio cards are more flashy and have more information on them than the earlier cards:

Oddly, there aren’t character cards for Homer and Marge, though there are for the three kids. There are some lesser known characters represented, as well as better representation for some of my favorites. The characters here are: Maggie, Bart, Lisa, Comic Book Guy, Barney, Flanders, Professor Frink, Itchy and Scratchy, Krusty, Moe, Milhouse, Sideshow Bob, Mr Burns, Smithers, and Apu.

The other 17 designs are original scenes, like snapshots from around Springfield.

And there’s some meta-humor, too:

All in all, I think the more recent book is the better buy, both because it has more designs and because the designs are a little more creative and nice to look at. However, the early edition can’t be beat for nostalgia. Both are readily available on Amazon and eBay.

Are you a Simpsons fan or do you like the Simpsons postcards? Let us know what you think of the Simpsons in the comments!