I sent out ten cards this morning for private swaps. They are some of my favorite cards and I’m so happy to be sharing them around the world.

These two cards are going to Tanja from Finland, who sent me this Moomin card a few months ago. We’re swapping for a few Nouvelles Images cards. I’m very excited to start my NI collection. They are so hard to find in the USA! This pony in boots NI card is from Powell’s, which is the only place I can find them, though the selection is pretty limited.

This is one of my favorite cards of Portland, showing our many bridges. This card is going to Poland, in a trade for a Polish Christmas card.

This card, showing Mount St. Helens erupting, is going to scubaduba in Australia. Scubaduba collects volcano postcards!

Finally there is this portrait of a ‘girl in a Japanese dress’ that is going to Maria in the Philippines. This card is one of her favorites. I think this is the first time I’ve had a card that matched someone’s favorites, so it feels really nice to fulfill a wish. I love this card, too; it is magnificent.

I have five more cards going out, but these are my favorite, and there’s probably a limit to how many postcards you want to look at in one day! What are you sending this week?