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It is just 10 days until kids all around the world will start ripping into presents and adults will start dipping into the eggnog (maybe that’s already happening, I don’t know). And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, because you aren’t Christian, or you’re a Grinch or something, I’m sorry for the Christmas-heavy post. You can ignore it; I won’t be offended.

For holiday cheer, keep reading on:

This card came from real-life pal Leslie. I say real-life, because we did not actually meet on the internet, but almost all of our interaction has been through Facebook and postcards! It was actually her status updates on Postcrossing that got me interested in postcard trading.

This next card comes from frazil_ice in Germany and includes a ‘do-it-yourself’ Christmas tree. I can’t imagine cutting it up to have a tiny tree for your desk, but the thought makes me smile. And the back includes a recipe for traditional Vanillekipferl, German Christmas biscuits. The instructions are all in German, but she has offered translation help if needed. My sister speaks a little German and we both love to cook. I foresee a holiday adventure!

And, to finish off the festivities, German Christmas stamps: